Confident K9 

Improving the daily lives of humans and dogs 

through education

We are all dealing with different challenges every day.

My mission is to improve the daily lives of humans and dogs through education.


Fearful, anxious, nervous, stressed and over reactive dog behavior will not go away on its own. The dog will not grow out of it.  Left untreated, both the frequency and the intensity of the problems will increase.

Reactivity is one of the hardest behaviors to deal with but have you ever wondered why? You may have never even thought about reactivity before you got this dog, but now when your dog starts reacting, you find yourself reacting too! You may get stressed at the very thought of going for a walk or taking your dog anywhere.

Of course, it is not the dog's fault, they are acting in response to an emotion. This might be fear, anxiety or frustration and when they react, it can make them feel better in the moment so they keep doing it   We can teach them a better way.

This  6 week program will give you all the support you need and I will be with you every step of the way.

During this program you will develop the skills to teach your dog to be calm. You'll learn easy, fun and practical ways to keep your dog's focus when there are distractions. You will also learn how to manage situations where things are less than ideal and how to bounce back when everything has gone wrong!


From the minute you pick up your new puppy around 10 weeks old the clock is ticking, you have until they reach about 16 weeks old to expose them to as many people, places, dogs, sounds, smells, tastes and textures/surfaces as you can, while keeping it fun for them.

This 6 week window will be the foundation of how puppy deals with things in his adult life. Ideally the person who took care of your puppy in the first 10 weeks will also have exposed him to new things and he should have also got plenty of litter mate play time, this is where they learn to play nicely & that biting hurts, hence those razor sharp puppy teeth.

Please contact us before you get a puppy we are here to help to choose the right puppy for you. Would you buy a house without a real estate agent or have a baby without a midwife to help you through the process?

Already brought your puppy home? Enroll in our 6-week puppy program right now the clock is ticking!  Investment $720

The program is for puppies under 20 weeks of age and covers everything puppy, potty training, chewing, socialization, as well as sit, down, recall, heel, loose leash walking and so much more.


Dogs communicate with us every day, but not using words.

In order to keep everyone safe and avoid a dog bite, it is critically important that we learn to interpret their language and react appropriately.

Understanding what your dog is trying to tell you will help you build a better relationship, which in turn will enhance your training efforts and ensure that you and your dog can enjoy everyday life together.

Understand how emotions effect learning and health, constant stress and fear in dogs causes cortisol levels to increase just like in humans and can play havoc with your dog's health and his immune system.

In this class you will learn how your dog's brain works, gain a better understanding of body language and the many subtle signals dogs display, in order to keep your dog from getting to the point where he feels the need to growl, bark and lunge.

Learn how your own body language and movements can help you avoid a bite. and prevent behaviors escalating out of control.

Virtual 2 hour Class - $199

We recommend this class prior to any training or behavior modification plan

Email [email protected] for classes

Canine Nutrition

Itchy skin, bad breath, behavioral issues, chronic vomiting and diarrhea can all be linked to what your dog eats.

Did you know food can affect behavior?

Dogs are not built to process starch and carbs, which is what most commercial "Dog Food" is made of.

Let's get together and figure out what's best for your dog and your budget, so that he can be happy, healthy and live a long life. 

Virtual Session $75