Why Virtual?

Working remotely allows you to work with your dog in an environment that you and your dog are familiar and comfortable with, having a stranger enter your home or come onto your property changes the way the dog feels and behaves and this happens with people too.  

Since I will not be living with you and your dog, I actually teach you, the human, how to read your dog’s body language and communicate with your dog. I’ll show you how to teach your dog new behaviors with every interaction, which improves life for everyone.  Together you will both learn new skills and coping techniques. Working in this way strengthens the bond and relationship between you and your dog.

Added bonus, no one has to deal with traffic, travel, gas prices and I don’t mind if you show up in your PJ’s.

How it works: We get together periodically over zoom, so you will need a smartphone, computer or iPad with a camera and microphone. Most smartphones have all this built in and you can just use a tennis shoe to prop it up so I can watch you and your dog. You really do not need anything fancy. Another bonus is we can record your training so you can watch it back and make adjustments. Each session, we discuss your progress and I’ll answer your questions before moving on to the next step. 

I also like my students to work through some important foundational information, which you can do at your own pace.

You also have access to 24/7 to all the “how to” videos and handouts so you can watch, read and practice at your convenience.